Tuesday, April 25, 2006

DV Camera stabilizers

Oooooooh, I gotta make one of these octagonal PVC Fig rigs. You can probably get some pretty interesting shots with it. I've made the $14 poor man's steadycam below here, which works great, I'll have to give this other one a spin.. Any of these rigs gives you a much smoother 'floating' shot, cutting down the 'jarring' hand-held stuff you normally see. Although.. I like that too.. hehehehe. Thanks for the link Alastair!

I wish I would have had these on "Trailerpark geocachers meet bigfoot"

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kirok said...

I first saw the Poor Man's steady cam in Make magazine issue #1 (published by Oreilly, the IT book guys). It made me want to go out and buy a video camera just so I could build one. In the same issue is instructions on how to build an aerial camera with a kite and a disposable 35mm. In later issues, they show you how to build an automatic pet food dispenser out of an old VCR. Very Doc Brown. The magazine is chocked full of projects like that.