Monday, April 10, 2006

The Psychic hotline

Someone related to me called a psychic hotline, two times for like 25 minute each. What the psychic should have told them was that "Your Dad is gonna absolutely flip when he gets this $100 phone bill one month from now."

Ya see, that's how I can tell they're not real...

Where the hell is Jojo these days any way? Miss Cleo? We hardly ever see her on tv at 2:00am any more..


kirok said...

The 2 a.m. stuff I miss most is all the commercials from Rochester NY.
The Great House of Guitars, Sal's Birdland, The Record Archive, and my personal favourite, J&E Grocery - One Thirty Niiiine Renolds street. Owned and operated by Buckwheat.

Speaking of early morning TV personalities, Dr. Gene Scott passed away last year (Feb 2005). His talent for filling the airwaves with complete silence for hours on end was amazing. He sat there chewing on his cigar with an 800 number on the screen for what seemed like an eternity, while the bucks poured in. He was always good for a laugh while waiting for Battlestar Galactica & Buck Rogers reruns to start over on CBS.

Zartimus said...

Being a 80's guitarist flooded with commerials from Rochester, I made a pillgramidge to the Great House of Guitars when I was 15 or so. One of the defining moments of my life (well, not really, but it was still cool. The owner gave us all free stuff. He told us the commercials were "Budweiser-influenced")

"Hop Hop - I AM the Easter Bunny! - Hop Hop..."

kirok said...

I didn't get out there until 19 years of age with a buddy, but it's still a fond memory. I went for the cheap CDs and the pile of rock t-shirts upstairs. Despite our lack of musical tallent, we enjoyed the cramped walk through the used instrument section as well.

We then went off to J&E grocery to snap a pick to show the friends, but in that end of town, we dared not stop the car.

Don't forget that while they were hopping around, a bubble machine was going crazy and the Batman theme was playing. My kind of guys.