Sunday, April 23, 2006

Zartimus versus Murray Wiggle

So I'm sitting on the couch Sunday morning, my wife is out at a scrapbooking thing and the kids are watching the Wiggles(I took my five year old out to see them live when they played the Corel center a few months back). Murray, the guy in the red shirt(who is like 6' 4" by the way, man those wiggles are tall) is "Playing his guitar". Well, not really, he's kind of strumming a "mystery chord" kind of like Avril Lavigne does when she straps on a guitar (love those mystery chords, they always look like that E7#9 chord from Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze) and dancing with a green dinosaur.
My kid goes "Murray is the bestest guitar player!".

At this point I should mention that I'm sitting on the couch with my guitar, practising economy picking patterns ( a combination of alternate picking and sweep-picking on string skips) to a metronome. So I find myself saying..
"Daddy could kick Murray's ASS in a headcutting guitar duel!" But instead I said something more kid freindly like "Daddy is WAY betterer than that Murray guy!"

My daughter doesn't buy it, so I try a different tack.
"See that red off the shelf guitar Murray is playing?" I say.. (this is also the bestest guitar by the way)
"See this guitar Daddy is playing? He built and finished this himself with parts from Warmoth guitars in Oregon.." She is totally not impressed with my whole 'I see you have constructed your own lightsaber, you have now become a Jedi!' guitar-building trip. I continue.
"In fact it's meant to be a replica of one of Eric Johnson's 1956 strats except I hot-rodded it with a stacked humbucker in the treble position and a Khaler tremelo!" This is getting nowhere...

"OK." I say.. "Daddy can play 12 notes a second, 6 note triplets at 120 beats per minute!"

Nothin.. Apparently she is convinced Murray can do this too..

You just can't win...Against the Wiggles ;-)


Wendy said...

Hey... We had international day at my school, and being Australian i dressed up as MURRAY the Red Wiggle...

You could make a lot of cash by building an indoor beach, maybe!

Zartimus said...

Yeah, I saw that post when I was looking for Murray pictures for my blog entry. I daresay if the Wiggles looked like that, uhh fathers would have a better time at their concerts ;-)