Friday, April 07, 2006

Night caching & a movie - Sleepy Hollow & Lucky number Slevin

After the parking incident, I headed out to the West end for some night caching with Trip and Grizz. We did "Sleepy Hollow" which turned out to be a hoot. It was one of those refletive lights on tree's type of multi-caches that makes nightime the right time to do 'em. We were lucky once again not to run into any mafia-type guys coming out of the woods with shovels (that will be a bad day indeed).

We think we saw a UFO a well(or it was a Sea King painted black and outfitted with a quiet ceiling fan). Something bathed Trip in some light, turned him green for a sec, and went away. Afterwards he was quiet amazed by the size of his shadow, so much so he proclaimed when trying to take a picture of it..
"It's too big to fit in my viewfinder!"

Show off..

Afterwards we went and saw Lucky Number Slevin , a great new flick with an all-star cast! Lucy Liu was especially cute in this one.

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kirok said...

Lucky Number Sleven was the "guys night out" movie of choice for us this week as well. Baton Rouge ribs, a good flick, good company, and a chance to be "yourself" for an evening. Can't beet that.